HVAC Service

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HVAC Service

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Going without air conditioning and heating service is out of the question if you are a residential or commercial client living in Carrollton, TX! We often take these resources for granted but these usually function properly whenever we need them to. But just as any machine would break down if not properly serviced, so will your HVAC system. To find the right HVAC service you seek, you have only to contact the professionals right here at ACAR, Inc. Air Conditioning & Heating! We provide HVAC service at the right price!

Searching for quality HVAC service shouldn’t be an insurmountable task if you go with our company first! You should never pay unlicensed or poorly trained HVAC contractors to perform HVAC service at your property. These contractors are prone to delivering bad service that can be costly to repair; and there is no guarantee that these contractors actually know how to properly service your heating, air, and ventilation systems. All of our technicians have received the right training and certification for your peace of mind!

Not sure if you may need HVAC service? Here’s a checklist you can use to determine if you may need to give ACAR, Inc. Air Conditioning & Heating a call today:

• Air Conditioning/Heating Unit Does Not Power On—If your unit is not turning on then you may have an electrical issue. It is highly advised that you not handle any electrical issues yourself but to call us instead.

• Rattling Noises—If you hear rattling noises coming from your air conditioning, heating, or ventilation system, then you may be in need of HVAC service. Rattling can be a symptom of a much larger problem that will only get worse if not quickly serviced.

• Unit Does Not Turn Off—An HVAC system that does not turn off my be a sign that it is not big enough to adequately heat or cool your property. In such instances, you may need installation services of a competent system.

• Outdated System—If your HVAC system has seen better days then it may be time for professional HVAC service! Old systems can cost you money every year in poor energy efficiency.

To receive the dependable HVAC service you deserve, arrange a consultation with ACAR, Inc. Air Conditioning & Heating!